Beauty rituals from African women


Regardless of their age, African women stand out for having a shiny and wrinkle-free skin as well as a sculptural body. Throughout their lives they preserve their hypnotizing attractiveness by means of the use of natural products like Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer that help them to highlight their most impressive features. Find out the most valuable beauty secrets and tips that are part of their daily routine.

Secrets employed by African women to preserve a beautiful face

Beauty rituals from African women include practices that are oriented to preserve and highlight the features of their faces. One of their most valuable resources is a natural product known as Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer which provides them a seductive gaze.

Such nourishing formula nourishes their lashes from the root promoting their growth increasing in this way the magnetism of their eyes. Another important component of their beauty routine is the use of olive oil or cocoa butter to hydrate their skin.

The way they clean their face also plays an important role in the preservation of their attractiveness. While they wash their cutis, they massage it by means of circular outward movements made with their fingers. This practice helps them to stretch the skin.

Fitness and diet tips that provide a sculptural silhouette

Beauty rituals from African women also include fitness practices and a strict diet that helps them to preserve a perfect and healthy body. Such beauty routines include: A diet mainly based on fish, fruits, cereals and vegetables. They still use traditional cooking methods like grilling next to a fire or steaming food in leaf wrappings in order to preserve the nutritional value of their edible items. The intake of at least ten cups of water every day to maintain their bodies properly hydrated. A daily walk of at least a mile. If such practice is not possible, they exercise in their homes as physical activity is an indispensable component of their beauty ritual.

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